Wrought Iron Fences

View our gallery below of various wrought iron fence installation projects we have completed in the Austin area. Depending on your preference and needs, wrought iron fence installation from K2 Fence & Stain can provide both privacy and security. These fences are difficult to climb and nearly impossible to break into, making them an excellent choice to enhance your home’s security. Opting for a tall fence with closer posts will further improve security. In terms of maintenance, wrought iron fences require less ongoing care compared to wood fencing. Simply painting it every few years is sufficient, and it’s built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Should any damage occur, it’s easier to replace or repair only the affected section instead of the entire fence. Additionally, choosing a wrought iron fence is eco-friendly as it can be recycled or repurposed if needed. Contact Us anytime if you are looking for a wrought iron fence company in Austin!